Half-year resolutions

We’re in the 7th month of the year, which means we’ve just passed the halfway mark. So, here’s a question for you- how are those New Years resolutions doing?

A tiny minority of ridiculously self-willed, determined people may have actually managed to stick to their resolution; perhaps they’re still hitting the gym a few times a week, chocolates still off the menu or the Netflix registration has been cancelled as they’ve committed themselves to a TV-binge-free life. These people do exist, or so I hear.

But I also believe them to be in the minority. As the 7th month of 2015 begins I’ve been thinking about my resolutions I made back in January. This year I did things a little differently, rather than refusing myself certain things (although many suggested that I should have considered tackling the tea addiction…maybe next year?) I did the opposite, I wanted to do more. This was my Alevel year and I knew I’d be pushing myself to get the grades. But I didn’t just want this year to be dictated by UCAS and stress. So my resolution was to get more out of this year but it felt pretty unofficial and I didn’t really publicise it because it felt pretty cringe and I wasn’t even sure what more looked like. Internally, however, I made a pact with God that I would try new things, be more adventurous…basically be less of a wimp.

Around that time I and one of my closest friends were talking about the idea of one word defining our year. She told me that my word was ‘Bold’. For a while I simply forgot about what she’d said but at this point when I pause to reflect on 2015 so far I realise that I’ve probably been bolder than I ever have been before, starting We Are Fearfully Made is certainly a big step of faith for me and I hope that this word continues to be reflected in my actions in the next few months.

With Uni approaching I want to reconnect with my original goal, I want to throw myself into all of the new experiences and opportunities coming my way over the next few months. I’m going to be that crazy person who joins almost every society, just to try. I want that New Year’s mentality of expectation to remain strong despite being over half way towards 2016. I would really encourage you to take some time to revisit those New Year goals and reflect on how they’re going, if they are in fact still going at all.

If you haven’t managed to curb that addiction, if that unhealthy relationship is still going on as ever, if that Netflixing is still out of control or maybe the tea drinking is still excessive (there are others out there with this problem right?!) then there’s still time to recommit to those goals and make those changes. You have almost 6 months left of 2015, make them count. Don’t leave it until the Next New Years when you’ll pause to realise that another years passed and that all the ambition of the previous year had fizzled out and you’re back to square one. Alternatively, you could take some time to set yourself some new goals- some half-year resolutions.

What do you want to set your mind to this year, that you haven’t quite had the time to do yet, or the resources, the energy, the finances? That thing that’s been plaguing you for months; that change you know you just have to make, whether that means giving up a certain habit or starting a new, more positive behaviour. However you chose to make these last few months productive, be bold with your decisions and actions. As always time is slipping away quicker than ever, I can’t believe how much of 2015 has already passed and although in many ways I feel that I’ve achieved my goal to do more with my time this year I don’t want the next few months of change and settling into Uni to be just going through the motions, I want that same attitude of boldness that has carried me through the year so far to stay with me till the very end.

Let me know if you have managed to stick to those original goals, if so then you have my permission to pat yourself on the back and have a cup of tea (unless that’s what you gave up). Seriously though- impressive.

Ella x




photo cred: http://www.juneletters.com/blog/2014/9/11/freebie-friday-be-bold-free-desktop-wallpaper


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