Blogs I’m lovin’ right now….

So this week I was absorbed further into the blogging world when I came across ‘Blog Lovin’ which is now my new favourite thing. It basically enables you to access all your favourite blogs in one place, lets you know when they upload a new post and also allows you to create your own profile which is exactly what I did (check it out here).

I thought today I’d share with you some of the best blogs I’ve come across on the site, which have particularly caught my attention and inspired me in some way.

Here we go…


If you are interested in a little empowerment and a whole lot of honesty and humour this is the perfect place on the internet for you. One of Hayley’s posts that I found most helpful in terms of my own blogging journey is ‘Creative advice from leading women’. Check out her BlogLovin profile!



Gracey Gordon is, as the 21st Century female instagramer would put it, goals. Her blog offers lifestyle and fashion tips and a glimpse into life as a Newyorker. Which may be a problem if, like me, you are a major F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan and are desperate to experience the central perk life. Plus, I think we just need to take a moment to appreciate the fact that she went 30 days without going onto Instagram… enough said really. Head over to her blog for more. Her BlogLovin profile can be found here.


Beautiefull Things

This ‘beautiefull’ blog comes from two sisters, Madyson and Raegan, who have a love for Jesus, creativity and writing. If you are a bit of a magpie, this is the site for you as they love to share such pretty things! Check it out for yourself here and don’t forget to have a peek at their ETSY shop, these are two talented sisters.



Ok, so I have to confess I didn’t actually come across this blog on BlogLovin (although it does have a profile, which you can find here). My friend Jess runs this beautiful christ-centred fashion and interiors blog which has recently had a brand new make-over and is looking amazing! She has also started a campaign called ‘He’s got this’ which  shares the inspirational stories of women whose faith and hope in God has helped them through painful seasons. I would seriously recommend giving them it read, click here to find out more!



As a lover of all things literature I’ve been on the lookout for a blog which shares a passion for reading…and this week I’ve found it thanks to BlogLovin! Bookswept is a collection of book reviews, quotes, pieces of poetry and random thoughts and ideas. Yuri writes with beauty, honesty and insight. If you are a fellow book lover I really recommend having a look at her blog.


There are so many other blogs that I’ve come across in these last few months of immersing myself in the blogging world and perhaps in a later blog I’ll share a few more that have been particularly helpful and inspiring. For now though, have a look through some of these if you fancy- you never know what useful tip/encouraging story/beautiful photography you might come across. Don’t forget to have a look at my BlogLovin profile and give it a follow!

Ella x

p.s sorry for all the hyperlinks, just realised that I’ve been redirecting you all over the web in this post!


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