I’m inspired by…Caitlin Crosby Benward and the giving keys

You know of that rare breed of people who are not only super pretty, cool but also incredibly talented and driven?

If these people were to form a group, Caitlin Crosby would be the president. I really recommend watching her TED talk where, with grace, a little humour and a whole lot of modesty, she describes her journey so far.

Growing up in Hollywood with two famous parents she rebelled in the only way she could, by going to youth group. Unconventional rebellion perhaps but in her environment of glitz, glamour and celebrity culture, partying and staying out late wouldn’t have been greeted with surprise. Caitlin’s rebellious streak continued as she decided to break-free of the vanity surrounding her, not only by going to Church but by devoting her life and career to empowering others, travelling with her feel-good songs and branding the slogan ‘Love your flaws’ on whatever she could get her hands on.

That’s when she came across the idea of carving encouraging words onto keys, to be worn as jewellery and so the giving keys were born. The business is built around the ‘pay it forward concept’. People wear their key, embrace the word carved upon it and then pass it onto someone they feel needs it more than them.

People are encouraged to then share their experience of the keys, who they passed theirs onto and why. You can check out their stories on the Giving Keys website; some are serious tear-jerkers so have tissues handy.

At the core of all Caitlin does is her genuine heart people and below are two quotes from her TED talk that really spoke to me so I thought I’d share them with you guys-

‘keep your eyes open to all the needs you see around you, they are all over the place’

‘there are locks all around you, perhaps you hold the key to someone else’s freedom’



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