Date yourself

Three weeks into Uni life and it’s been fun, emotional, challenging at times but above all there’s been so much new-ness to take in. New faces, names, places, workloads, sleeping patterns (1am has a suddenly a normal time to have cheese on toast…).

Uni is the perfect place to meet new people and as fun as it’s been there comes a point when you crave a little of your own time.

One of my flat mates is a big believer in the importance of alone time. Now I will admit, when she announced she was going to go and sit in costa by herself with only Jane Austen for company I gave a bit of a ‘each to their own’ shrug. The idea of walking into a coffee shop, ordering a drink and sitting down by myself just didn’t sound at all appealing.

I share a flat with 11 people (who are the absolute best by the way- shout out to the R2 gang). As much as I love being surrounded by people, a few days ago I just felt a sudden urge to heed my alone-time-loving flat mates advice and head out into town alone. After spending some money I shouldn’t have spent I sat before Exeter’s cathedral and had a lunch date for one.

If this is a regular occurrence for you then I fully accept your what’s-the-big-deal eye-rolling but should you be as uncomfortable with sitting in public alone as I am then I want to encourage you shia labeouf-style- JUST DO IT.

seriously, it is so refreshing to actually spend some time with yourself. I don’t mean at your desk working or in your PJ’s watching Netflix (the later is probably more accurate), I’m talking about actually going out somewhere. Not because you particularly need to but just to spend some time in your own presence, with your own thoughts. It is so much more rewarding than it sounds.

In the craziness of fresher’s life it’s so important to take the time to remember who you are, what you want out of your time at Uni and just relax in your own company.

So go find a park bench, bring a book and a flask of tea and have a lovely afternoon free of other humans.


Ella x


2 thoughts on “Date yourself

  1. Dear Ella, just had a ‘date with my Self’ in Costa Truro. Lovely people/angels served me and I sat – can you believe if – right next to the Spirituality section of the store so dipped into books on Waking Up and Mindfulness and Letting Life (Love/God) Love You. I am ‘on the road’ with a suitcase and not much else (apart from my laptop, of course) asking Spirit to guide me on an inner and outer level. I need to remind myself often that Jesus walks with me – and offers me His hand if I will but take it and trust. Love to you. Sue x

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