I couldn’t live without______.

Christmas day is a day of food, fun and competitive games that usually end up in a feud.

This year the game of choice was ‘Who am I?’ For those of you unfamiliar with the game, get familiar with it ASAP because it’s a lot of fun.

I asked if I was a man- YES.

I asked if I was famous- YES

I then asked if I personally was a fan of the person on my head and was told that I couldn’t live without them…to which my instant reply was ‘am I Jesus?’

This response was scoffed at by one person in particular who with a roll of the eye concluded ‘you could live without Him’.

I love my family very much but comments like this sting. This is something I haven’t spoken at all about on We are Fearfully Made because it’s very personal but my family don’t attend church and sometimes conversations about faith can be a little difficult. This was one of those times.

The only reason I bring this up is because after the initial ‘Do you not know me at all?!’ incredulity had disappeared the comment stuck with me and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.

My initial thoughts were those of surprise and then a silently indignant ‘well obviously I couldn’t live without Jesus’.

But here’s the thing.

I could.

I did.

For 16 years I was a living, breathing, fully-functioning human with dreams, hopes, ambitions, struggles, insecurities.

Then I met Jesus and those things didn’t change. Blood pumped around my body just as before, all my senses functioned as they were supposed to, my limbs worked as normal. Physically I was living just as I had for the 16 years living up to that moment when I made a decision to follow Christ.

I can live without Jesus but I’m not alive without Him, not really. Before I was in relationship with Him I was physically alive but spiritually dead.

My heart beats just as before yet my heart for others and for the world has changed drastically since I’ve embarked on this journey with Christ. Before my heart longed for human attention and approval but now it longs for Jesus and the life He wants for me. How I treat others, how I treat myself and how I perceive the world has shifted completely.

So yes, I suppose I could live without Jesus but I wouldn’t be the same ‘I’. It would be a very different person because I am who I am because of His grace and guidance. He has truly transformed me and He continues to everyday.

I think the issue with the, what I am now terming, ‘Who-am-I-predicament’ was that the person saw my faith as a part of my life, as if it’s a hobby that could easily be discarded, a phase that could be replaced but going to church isn’t something Christians do, like a sport or playing a musical instrument, it’s something we live.

I could live without Jesus but I certainly wouldn’t be living the same life I am now because He impacts everything I do- my choices, my relationships, this blog. How I live my life, how I see myself and the world is because of Him. As I learn about and get to know Him, I learn about and get to know myself.

“Hear God’s voice, you’ll find your own. Declare who He is, He’ll tell you who you are. We are hidden in Christ and find ourselves in Him.” –Kalley Heiligenthal

Life in abundance

John 10:10 ‘I have come that they may have life and have it to the full’

Christians breathe, we respire, we see, hear, smell, move but of course, as my family member pointed out, we can do those things outside of relationship with God. On a literal level we can live without Him. Following Jesus is so much more than just surviving though. No longer am I just existing. He has made my world light up, giving me a hope, a future and purpose in Him. I am alive in Him.






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