Worship lyrics to meditate on

‘Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything.’- Plato

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We Christians sure do love a good worship song. We sing them in church, in the car, in the shower and if you’re anything like me, anywhere. We all have our favourites. Perhaps you like a traditional hymn or you have the latest ‘Relevant’ studio session currently open in another tab.

There are so many songs of worship (yup, Oceans isn’t the only one- shock). As much as I enjoy worshiping I have to confess that often I find myself simply singing along without too much thought about the lyrics, what they mean, what I might be able to take from them.

I’ve been challenging myself to really notice what I’m singing and I thought I’d share some lyrics that have really stuck out to me recently. Why not grab a cup of tea and take some time to reflect on a few of these…


‘Set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain, that I can’t control’Set a fire, Jesus Culture

This should be our constant prayer- that we would never lose the passion. As soon as that fire’s extinguished the Christian walk becomes tedious, repetitive and highly religious. I never want to find myself just going through the motions but truly living from an overwhelming love of Christ.

‘I found my life when I laid it down’Touch the Sky, Hillsong

The idea of ‘laying’ our lives down for Christ is a tricky concept to get your head around but these lyrics remind us that when we give all that we have to Jesus we gain everything. Christianity is built on this wonderful, crazy, overwhelming paradox- when you surrender to God you gain a new life.

‘Now here and now in our skin and bones, heaven itself is making a home’Mercy, Phil Wickham

In Religious education lessons I remember hearing about God who a very vague, distant entity, a presence who was separate from this world. Sometimes God feels far away but the reality is that once you’ve let him into your heart He exists within you, His spirit actually lives within you. As insignificant as you may sometimes feel, perhaps you feel ignored, pushed a side, unimportant, unheard but God sees a home within you, He chose to use you for His glory.

‘Find you in the place I’m in, find you when I’m at my end’ Find you on my knees, Kari Jobe

What I love about these lyrics is the reminder that God meets us where we are. Sometimes I have a tendency to want to hide my shame, my guilt or my hurts from Him but I’ve learned that He can take it- all those anxieties, those things you might be unable to talk about. He won’t shy away or turn His back from you when you’re in need. You might fall, perhaps you’ll hit the floor with a very inelegant thump but you don’t need to get back up on your own strength. His hands are ready to heave you back to your feet.


‘Lord you’ve been faithful to plant the seeds and you will be faithful to always send your rain’ Seasons change, United pursuit

These words pretty much sum up God’s faithfulness- He plants seeds, those dreams, ambitions, visions on your heart and He never neglects to nurture them, helping them grow and flourish over time. Perhaps you’re in a season where you’re waiting for your miracle, for that promise to become a reality. Don’t let frustration blind you from what God’s doing in this dry season, instead be present and expectant for the rain. It’s on its way.


‘oh and I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide, but I know we’re all searching for answers only you can provide’ Good Good Father – HOUSEFIRES II

One of the most wonderful things about humans is our curiosity. It’s in our nature to ask questions, some of them so huge and intimidating that we might want to shy away from but can’t quite shake. We can present these to God, He can take them. So ask away, He has the answers.


These lyrics are a whole lot better when found in the context of the song, so I suggest listening to them- each song title is hyperlinked to a Youtube video so have a listen, relax and enjoy!


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