Dealing with burn out: Remember why you started

This week at church I had the opportunity to share a little about We are Fearfully made and one of the questions was, ‘What lead you to start blogging?’


I knew the questions in advance and so last week I found myself reflecting a lot on Fearfully Made so far and my journey into the blogging world. I found myself looking back in my old notebook, through all my scribbled ideas and random thoughts from 2015. Most importantly, I found my old ‘mission statement’, where I outlined for myself what I wanted to achieve through my blog, what I felt it’s purpose was.

It’s been so encouraging to remind myself of the why, especially when blogging and my degree has become a balancing act (all my deadlines are this week …#prayforella… seriously, I need it!!).

Are you feeling tired? That you aren’t making any progress?

I believe one of the key causes of burn out isn’t doing too much, it’s losing sight of the reason why you started because that’s where your motivation stems from.

Through re-discovering my original goals and prayers for my blog I’ve had a refreshed sense of passion and love for my little pocket of the internet and I’m so excited for how God can use my writing in the future.

Why not take some time to remind yourself what stirred you to start that project, that job, that degree, whatever area of your life seems challenging. When you feel like you aren’t moving forward it’s so helpful to remind yourself how far you’ve come already and most importantly, why you started in the first place.

why you started


P.S  If you fancy having a watch of my church’s palm Sunday service you can click here.. I’m up at about 43 mins in.





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