‘Missing’ at Uni

My beautiful friend Emily shares a bit about her experience of missing home, her friends, family and Church at Uni, enjoy x


Uni is a time when I’ve experienced ‘missing’ a great deal. Throughout the year I’ve longed for my double duvet (yes the duvet, not the actual bed), my Yankee candles. One my flatmates misses the family Aga, another his desktop computer.

However, none of these ‘things’ compare with the space left by people. Long distance relationships feel even more stretched through the confines of this ‘uni bubble’ Ella has spoken about before. Personally I miss my mum, my sister and my boyfriend the most.

Uni is a place you don’t really understand until you get here. Independence, the nightlife and cooking for yourself are the topics people tell you about, the same areas covered by the ‘how to survive at uni’ books you and your parents study before departure. It is for this reason it can become difficult to communicate certain situations or emotions you are experiencing.

Personally I’ve found this frustrating at times; something that seems momentous to me is met with a ‘hmm’ down the phone and a change of subject onto something like the new toy the dog has been bought. This of course happens in the opposite direction as well, I’m ranted to about the day to day hassles dealt with by whoever I’m speaking with, when all I really want to do is go and make dinner or get on with my essay.

In my relationship, it is this sharing of the most mundane daily happenings that dilutes the ‘missing’, making it easier. I credit the strength of my relationship to the physical distance between the pair of us. A Skype call or a letter in the post can provide some comfort when you’re having a bad day. Conversation is precious, it can cause tears and laughter, parts of the day that would normally be routine become something I can’t wait to share. A weekend home or a visit from him becomes a date to look forward to; the time spent together made more valuable by the 200 miles that normally separates us.

Before uni I was a regular church-goer, however my communication with Him was facilitated, I was comfortable and ‘conversation’ would be casual and often lacked conviction. Uni has provided a long distance relationship with Christ for me, as I associated my church with prayer and conversation, my faith never really exceeded my church bubble. It was only when I couldn’t visit church often I realised how much I missed prayer.

Ella has taught me prayer in other ways, I’ve listened to Oceans more than I care to admit, I actively look for verses and I share her hobby of handlettering, which helps me feel closer to Him. Communication is more authentic and meaningful. This long distance has strengthened my relationship with Him and the ‘missing’ physical church has morphed into something more mobile. He isn’t someone you have to ‘miss’ because He is always waiting for that conversation, ready to hear about the mediocre or about the things you’re struggling with.

missin @ uni

Photo cred: meandmyphotomachine


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