Maintain the Fire

March’s guest post for The Rising about keeping that fire for God burning through every season.


I have been to conferences, been filled with the Holy Spirit, been stirred and moved by speakers and brilliant worship and been encouraged by the answered prayers of myself and others. I know what it is to be set on fire for God.

Have you ever experienced a powerful, intimate encounter with God? It’s life changing.

But what do we do when we wake up the next day and the problems that we gave to God the day before are still very much there? Money’s still an issue and you’re still stuck in that job you’re desperate to leave. Family relationships are still broken, those anxieties and fears are still there, and you don’t have a charismatic preacher and a worship team there to get you fueled up for the day.

I was so challenged by a guest speaker at my church two weeks ago. He spoke about how easy it is to be set on fire but how difficult it is to maintain that fire. It really made me reflect on the periods of my life where I’ve been fired up for God, promised to live for Him entirely and then become distracted over time.

What do you do when you feel the world trying to extinguish your fire?

Make time for Him in all seasons.

With the stresses and pressures of daily life it can be difficult to maintain your passion for God. Responsibilities and deadlines leave little margin for one-on-one time with our Saviour. Bible studies become something to be squeezed in around a jam-packed schedule, leaving our spirits unfed and aching for more of Him.

This tends to happen in two circumstances:

  1. When things are crazy, everything seems to be happening at once and nothing’s going to plan. Time with God is suddenly difficult to come by.
  2. When things are going brilliantly, I find myself so caught up in all the fun, exciting things going on and time with God suddenly isn’t a priority.

Whether things are the best they could be or everything feels like it’s falling apart, we need Him. In order to maintain that fire and be passionate for God throughout any season we need to admit your need of Him in the good times and the not so good times.

Surround yourself with the fiery.

Finding a church where we’re growing and feel supported is vital to maintaining our fire. I’m blessed enough to have friends who have a genuine love for God and are passionate about building His kingdom, and just being around them leaves me wanting to serve God more.

“We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.”

— Dorothy Day

Remember your purpose.

The best way to reignite our fire is to remind ourselves of why we need that fire, the things we want to achieve, and the people we want to reach. Striving to serve and love God doesn’t only affect us but also those around us because knowing our purpose can empower us to help others discover theirs.

“Nothing about my birth – or yours – was random or accidental. I was born for this time – and so were you. We were each chosen for a particular, cosmically important task that can be done by no one else.”

— Christine Caine, Undaunted: Daring to do what God calls you to do

Photo cred: meandmyphotomachine


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