48 hours in London

On Monday, M and I arrived in London at 5pm and at the same time on Tuesday we were sat back on an identical coach, headed home to Exeter.

4 and a half hours on a coach weren’t what I’d call fun, not that I moaned at all…(Ok, maybe a little but the toilets were disgusting and my bum went numb about 2 hours into the journey). But they were worth it because we had a lovely day in London, intense and busy as it was.

You may be wondering why we bothered going all the way across the country for 48 hours. M had a visa interview for his trip for America. In less than a month he’s heading off for two months. We’re pretty anxious about the prospect of being in different time zones for 8 weeks because the whole long distance thing is new to us and heading off to London for M’s visa made it seem sooner and more real than ever. However, what could have been a bit of a rubbish experience turned out to be a lot of fun.

(Yup, this is a ‘Ella’s life lessons’ kind of post, sorry if I misled you into thinking this was simply going to be photos of us gallivanting around being touristy and wasn’t going to get deep) 

Our little trip may have been short but it was so needed. It made me realise that sometimes the things we look forward to the least can be the things we need the most.

Going to the American Embassy made his trip seem imminent and forced us to face up to the fact that we only have a few weeks left together before he gets on that plane. Now we’ve come back we’re being more intentional with our time, planning lots of fun trips out and discussing beach days (perks of living in Devon). I want to make the most of the next few weeks and I’m making a promise to myself to appreciate and experience every moment.

The best thing about being in London was that it gave M and I an opportunity have some quality time outside of the Uni Bubble. No responsibilities other than enjoying the others company. Ok, maybe I’m romanticising it a bit- we were on our feet all day, rushing from tube to tube, wrestling with google maps on multiple occasions and we managed to run dangerously late for M’s Visa interview but none of that mattered because we were together (sorry for the cheeeese).

Being in a relationship doesn’t just means going on the fun dates but also the not so fun ones…which, in our case, turn out to be pretty fun anyway. It’s about heading into challenging seasons united, as a team.

Ok, serious bit of the post over. If you hung around waiting for the  photos of us gallivanting around being touristy then enjoy…

So I kinda missed the stage in primary school where everyone went to Sea Life and so when we got our hands on a 2 for 1 voucher we decided to go. It was my first time in an Aquarium and I was seriously like a child, mesmerised by all the fishies. Although it brought back some horrific memories of my time as a fish owner (RIP little Zac Efron and Orlando Bloom) it was so much fun. I was so excited I couldn’t help but buy the photos from our visit. They are pretty amusing so I thought I’d share them on here:



‘Act cold’


‘Act like there are sharks coming after you!’ which M clearly misheard as ‘Act like you’re on a disappointing roller-coaster but want to look like you’re having fun’

I hope you feel encouraged to face the scary days with faith that they’ll turn out to be fun after all. You might even get some embarrassing photos out of them!

ella x


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