June goals

We are officially in June so pinch, punch and all that. It’s the start of a new month so I feel it’s a good time to set a few new goals. As much as it’s important to fill this month with great experiences and fun activities, it’s equally as great to get to the end of a month and feel you’ve achieved something worthwhile.

june goals

Invest in friendships. Summer is all about making new friends and whilst I know I’ll have loads of opportunities to meet new people, summer is also a great time to make contact with friends I haven’t seen in a while and strengthen those relationships. I’m hoping for loads of coffee dates and catch ups in the next few weeks!

Read jollier books. I’ve got myself a bad habit of reading extremely dark fiction at the moment, May’s reads were Sharp Objects followed by the Girl on the Train. As brilliant as these thrillers were I’m on the look out for some more uplifting reads that will encourage and inspire me (any suggestions, feel free to pop them in the comments below, please!)

Make the move to self-hosted blogging. I’ve loved learning about this crazy blogging world this year but I know that I’ve only really been meekly dipping my toe in and if I want to take this little pocket of the internet seriously it’s time to venture into WordPress.org and go self-hosted. It’s going to take a leap of faith (and financial investment…!) but the time has come, so watch this space.

Invest in some new handlettering pens and get creative. I recently joined in with the #100dayproject but have fallen embarrassingly behind so I need to get a bit more committed and actually set aside some time each day to letter, even if I don’t end up making something that I want to share.

Open my bible more. So as much as no one likes to admit it, we can all go through seasons where our bibles go a little untouched. I want to fall in love with God’s word even more and have it become part of my daily life so I’m praying that this month God would put a new hunger for His word on my heart and I’m promising myself that I’ll be more committed to opening my bible every day.

Do something different with my hair. This one’s a little (ok, a lot) more superficial but just as valid I reckon, because there’s no shame in playing around with our appearance once in a while, having some girly time and treating ourselves to a fresh new look.

Buy my friends flowers. Receiving gifts may not be my love language but if you buy me flowers, we’re automatically best friends. My lovely boyfriend often treats me to flowers because he knows it’s guaranteed to make me smile, regardless of what kind of a day I’m having. I want to bless others with that feeling. Flowers aren’t too expensive, are easy to get a hold of and a bunch of some colourful beauties is a thoughtful way of showing someone a bit of love.

Say nicer things to myself, about myself. There is a post worth of things I could say for this goal alone but for now I will say only this; I want June to mark a turning point in what I say about myself, being careful of the kind of language I use. I need to cut down on the I can’t‘s, I’m not good enough’s and I look rough‘s because those who love me have pointed out how frequently I talk negatively about myself, even without me realising it.

Remember that setting  goals isn’t about telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough or that the way we’re living currently isn’t fulfilling enough. It’s about being bold enough to admit to ourselves that there are areas of our lives we need to improve and pushing ourselves to get even more out of this next month of our lives. So why not grab a paper and a pen and jot down a few goals of your own, even if you don’t stick to all of them the practice of reflecting on what you might want to improve on is healthy and helpful in itself!

ella x


Feature image: meandmyphotomachine


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