The reality of Psalm 139

 This verse is bound to be familiar with many of you. It’s pretty encouraging right? However, it‘s interesting what begins to emerge when we dig a little deeper into the language and what it really means.

The termwonderfully’ is pretty straight forward- God made us uniquely, with an unfathomable complexity and intricacy that sets each of us apart from one another.

‘Fearfully’ can, however, be a little more confusing. God wasn’t shaking with worry as he created each of us. He wasn’t anxious over who we would become. Quite the opposite. The biblical understanding of his ‘fearful’ love connotes respect and ultimate wisdom and reverence.

Now that we have those two terms covered we can begin to look at what it really means to live with the knowledge that we are Fearfully and Wonderfully made…

  • Every aspect of your being was designed.
  • God ‘knitted you together in your mother’s womb’; he knew you before you knew yourself, before even your parents knew you.
  • What you may perceive as a flaw, God views as a marks of individuality- they are what makes you unique.
  • There will never be another you, you are completely unique.
  • The lengths He went to in order to create you are so excessive, carried out with such love and diligence that we can be confident that if He went to those lengths to make us, He’ll want to know us throughout our lives.

When we truly understand the reality of psalm 139 the words become more than just encouraging, they are essential, life-giving.

Some days can seem mundane, life dull and repetitive but if you are in need of a miracle you don’t need to look much further than a mirror. All those millions of cells working in perfect harmony to create a fully functioning human with a conscious, a mind, a personality. No part of you is an accident.

You are a miracle, a wonderfully and fearfully made miracle.



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